Friday, September 27, 2013

Jungle Adventure Printables and Coordinating Scrap Kit

Want to throw an amazing Jungle Themed party? This is a great place to start, with a whole bundle of coordinating printables designed to match and tie in your whole theme, all the party goers will wonder how you did it! My Jungle printables are great for birthdays and even baby showers! Check out all my Jungle Themed Party Printables in my store HERE
  These are perfect for dressing up your party! They make fantastic party favors for each guest! Just wrap up a candy bar and set it out at each place setting, it adds to the décor, and is a perfect favor too!
 These water bottle labels are perfect for jazzing up bottles of water.
These bag toppers are a perfect accent to your Jungle Adventures themed party! Fill up clear baggies with goodies, or use these as toppers to colored lunch bags. They are perfect for party favors and are a great way to tie in your theme throughout your party!
 Consider filling your baggie with some kisses or nuggets wrapped in matching printable wrappers!
 These ice cream cone wrappers are perfect for dressing up that sweet treat.
It's easy to coordinate your cupcakes with the Jungle theme with my cupcake wrappers and party circles.
These favor boxes make great party favors!
Nugget wrappers turn chocolate nuggets into cute little party favors.
You can use these kiss stickers to dress up kisses and place 
them in little bags for great party favors.
Both blank labels and customized address labels dress up your party invitations.
Party hats liven up the mood of the party!
With cute thank you tags you can send the kids home with a cute party favor.
Just look at what your party table could look like with my jungle themed printables!
So whether you are throwing a birthday party or even a baby shower, I have everything you need to make it a Jungle Theme. Check out all my Jungle Theme Printables in the store...
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pretty as a Peacock Printables and Scrap Kit Mega Bundle!

Want to throw an amazing Pretty Peacock Birthday Themed party? This is a great place to start, with a whole bundle of coordinating printables designed to match and tie in your whole theme, all the party goers will wonder how you did it! I have a wonderful collection of Pretty Peacock Themed Printables in my store...
 These bag toppers are a perfect accent to your Pretty Peacock themed party! Fill up clear baggies with goodies, or use these as toppers to colored lunch bags. They are perfect for party favors and are a great way to tie in your theme throughout your party
These bubble wrappers are sure to bring fun when you hand them out to kids and guests at your party! Perfect for favors to stick into treat bags!

 Reuse your starbucks frappucino bottles for your parties! This adorable wrapper is made to fit around those glass bottles. Throw a cute paper straw in there and serve drinks that match your Pretty Peacock party theme with these elegant wrappers!
 These Ice Cream Cone wrappers turn your sweet treat into a pretty piece of art.
These lollipop covers are perfect party favors and are perfect to stick into treat bags for the kids!
 These are perfect for dressing up your party! They make fantastic party favors for each guest! Just wrap up a candy bar and set it out at each place setting, it adds to the décor, and is a perfect favor too!
So why not stop by my store and check out my whole line of  Pretty Peacock Birthday Themed Printables...
Find them HERE
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

$500 Target Gift Card Giveaway!

Are you ready for another exciting giveaway!  I know I am! You are going to love this one!!!  It's for a $500 gift card to Target!  Man I would love to win this one myself!  Enter to win! I would love it if one of my fans was the winner!!

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Prize: $500 Target Gift Card. Winner will be announced within 24 hours of giveaway ending. Winner has 24 hours to respond to the email. If winner does not respond with in 24 hours a new winner will be chosen at random. Open worldwide. Winner must abide by their countries laws with regards to sweepstakes and giveaways.
Disclosure: This is an independent blogger giveaway. It is in no way associated with PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy or any other social media network. This giveaway is in no way associated with Target or any of its products. Cupcake With Character and participating sponsors are not compensated to promote any Target products. Sponsors contribute to the prize, taxes, shipping, fees, forms of paid promotion, the time and effort it takes to prepare, launch and promote giveaway. This is not a lottery. A skill test question will be asked of the winner upon claiming their prize. Should you have any questions, please contact Shauna at Cupcake with Character via email at cupcakewithcharacter [at] gmail [dot] com.


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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monster Scientist 6th Birthday Party

Are you ready to see pictures from my most favorite birthday party  I have thrown?!  Well grab a snack and a drink and sit back and relax, there are over 70 pictures to share with you in this post all about my son's Monster Scientist 6th Birthday Party!

Every little detail of this party revolved around science.  A group of 6 year olds was a perfect age group to throw this party for, though this theme is perfect for any age, just change your experiments and you are able to customize it to your group. We did 6 different tables with a different experiment at each one, it was a HUGE success.  Read on to see decorations and read all about this fun birthday party!

All party printables to match this theme can be found in my store here:


 So the theme for this awesome 6th birthday party was "Monster Scientist" and you can bet I used my cute scrap kit "Monster Scientist" to help make lots of the decorations and goodies!!! You can find that kit in my store HERE. So here we go with all the party details! It all starts with the invitation.

We sent these cuties out, I simply designed them as 5 x 7 and had them printed out at my local photo finisher. I made some adorable matching return address labels and address labels so that the outside of the envelope was just as cute as what was to come on the inside! I even printed out cute stickers that said "caution" "radioactive" and "toxic" which we put on the outside of the envelopes, it was only after I stuck them in the mail that I thought maybe it wasn't a good idea to have a sticker that says toxic on a piece of mail!!! EEEK! LOL But no worries, everyone got their invite!
I created this poster as a 12 x 16 photo and just had it printed out at Sams...for just $2.95! How awesome is that, a custom poster that matched the birthday theme for just a few dollars! This sign welcomed everyone at the front door along with this:
Everyone had to scan their hand before they came in the house! A very cute touch, the kids all loved it! And now this sign is on my son's bedroom door, which he loves!
The kids then entered our foyer which was the scientist check in station. My son had a clipboard (totally customized to match the party with his name and everything, I don't think I got a picture of that...but I will!) And he helped check everyone in. When the kids arrived they told my dad their name and he fit them with their "scientist" hair! Most of the kids actually wore it, it was adorable! My mom then typed their name into the computer, where we had set up a website that speaks whatever you type when they came in the computer said to them "Doctor Zachary is confirmed, you may now enter the lab" They LOVED hearing the computer say their name!!
I had a bunch of different stations set up to do different experiments, we split the kids into groups of 3 and they rotated around to each different station. We finished off with the "invent a sundae bar" which I think was my most favorite to set up and look at! Check out that radioactive juice!! It's just lemonade that I colored green with food coloring, because believe it or not you can't get green juice mix or green juice anywhere around here! We put some dry ice in it right before it was time to eat for that extra special effect! We had tons of candies and sprinkles to choose from to create the ultimate sundae, and all this before lunch...were we cool or what?
Here are some of the other stations, at the top...slime, the kids loved making slime and silly putty! In the middle, my most favorite was the "Boo Bubbles" We had this cool jug that we filled with water and put dry ice in, and then using the smoke from the dry ice through the tube we were able to actually blow bubbles with the smoke, so the bubbles were smoke filled! And the kids could actually hold them!!! IT. WAS. AWESOME! And when they popped the smoke would fall out and disappear! They could even throw them up in the air and catch them some times! Very very cool! And at the bottom was instant snow, the stuff was cool, it went from this small amount of white powder, add a bit of water and poof! a huge amount of snow!
We used our chocolate fountain and dyed some white chocolate green to make a nuclear slime fountain, it was yummy! I made a cute banner for the mantle that said happy birthday, sorry no close up pictures of that...and then a cute sign for the drinks too...I also made soda bottle wrappers and labels but forgot to take a picture of those!
Look at all the cute scientists! Here you can see the check in station and my little scientist ready for his party...ah and there is the clipboard! It's my favorite thing I made so I will definitely have to take some better pictures and do a post just about that!
I also made scientist observation notebooks for each kid, these were very cool but probably my most involved project! There was a page for each station and experiment we did so they could take notes, lots of kids did take notes and really enjoyed the book!

Oh! Another one of my favorite things! I made each of the kids an official name tag! So the front said "doctor Zachary, group black (or whatever color group they were in) and then the date o the party made to look like some sort of official code! Then the back said Zachary's Monster Scientist 6th Birthday Party, all in a cute plastic badge holder! I even made some for all of the "professors" that helped me out that day!
And of course the goody bag was packed full of fun! Top down left to right: 1.The goody bags all lined up, I made 3 X 3 labels for all of them with the kids names and they said thanks for making my birthday so explosive. 2. the goody bag with all the goodies! 3. slime container, I found these adorable tiny containers at the $1 and then I made labels for them to identify what was in them! 4. Silly putty, again cute container and I made a label 5. radioactive rods, really just 5 glow sticks tied together :) 6. potion number 6, test tubes filled with candies and a fun label on them 7. those cool pellets you drop in water and a spongy creature emerges, I made a cute mini bag topper to give instructions for what to do with them. 8. jelly crystals, again $1 store container with a cute label 9. UV beads, they are white until exposed to UV light then they change color! Very cool!
Here you can see some of the decorations we put up! 1. The entryway was pretty much sections off. We hung plastic painters drop cloths and cut slits in them, then hung caution tape, and hung green balloons upside down from the ceiling to look like nuclear droplets! in the top right picture you can see our glow station, we made a PVC pipe fort a while back and it worked perfect for this part of the party! I put up a black light inside and covered it with tons of blankets, and then in the bottom middle and right photos you can see inside. We had neon pipe cleaners, neon straws, I made home made glow in the dark play doh in 4 colors, neon pom pons, highlighter markers and some white paper (that was pretty cool) and then a bowl full of jelly crystals that were hydrated with tonic water...tonic water glows under a black light! (I learned lots of cool scienc-y stuff planning this party, we will be making glow in the dark jello in the near future!) In the middle left I just placed jars full of glow sticks around for decoration and labeled the jars "radioactive rods" and in the middle right you can see our "specimen" jars, I got some of those grow in water creatures...stuck them in the jar a few days before the party and by party time they were so huge they looked like gross science experiments in a jar!
Ah no party of mine is complete without a cool cake to go with it. Another hobby of mine is making fancy cakes! So this year we had the monster cake, it was actually one of my easier cakes I have made! It turned out so cute, I just loved it! And so did the birthday boy, who requested that he have an eye to eat too!
And of course we complete it all with the thank you's. I made these 4 x 6, and printed them from just .13 each! Here is the front
And then here is the back, I taped them together and had my little guy write who it was to and his name, so somewhat customized, he took part in part of the writing of them, but not too much!

And finally here is the last picture of him as a 5 year old :( He's growing way too fast! I am not quite sure how I will top this party, but I say that ater every party, and every party gets better and better. I know I won't always be able to do this for my kids, whether it be for reasons beyond my control, or that they just get older and want to do other things for their birthday. So while I can, i will keep throwing these birthday parties for them because I absolutely love to do it :) I hope you enjoyed looking through our Monster Scientist birthday party!

So there you have it! An awesome Monster Scientist themed party! This party is perfect to throw any time of year, but with Halloween right around the corner, you could add some more spooky details to it and throw an amazing party too!  You can find all the printables to match this party in my  store HERE 

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pirate Room for my little boy

Well if you have ben a follower for a few years, you may remember when I shared both of my son's rooms and how I decorated them using digital scrapbooking kits.  I am up to it again! We moved last October which meant new room themes for the boys. My oldest chose Ninjago, and it's a super cool room I will share soon. My youngest had that cute monkey room but he is becoming a little boy so the theme had to grow up too. We went with pirate and he loves it!  His room now lends itself very well to imaginative play, and since today is talk like a pirate day, I figured it as time to share his cool pirate room.  It's not entirely finished but it is close!
This is the sign I made when you first enter his room, it's 16 X 20 and I used my Captain Joshua kit to decorate his room!  The kit was made to match his bedding and specifically made so I could use it to decorate with, and it's named after him as well!
Here is the view as you walk in, there's the "ship" and the port holes to look out to see what the ocean has in store!

Another view including his curtains, a matching pirate valance (which cost more to ship to me than to actual buy, ugh!)
Here is his dresser, with a hidden treasure chest, and a pirate ship lamp.
I made him a sticker sheet as a reward system, it hangs right as we enter the room under the light switch.  It matches too...cause I like to match everything!
A close up of the pirate lamp, and a palm tree on the wall
The curtains
I LOVE this guy!  He's so cute!
A view of the ship, his pirate bedding, the cute octopus and his3 port holes.  One has an island with a treasure chest, 1 has 2 other pirate ships coming (good for pretending they are under attack, or that it's 2 other ships in his amazing fleet of pirates) and 1 with a sea monster!  This is by far my favorite feature in his room!
Another view of the bed and port holes.
And his bed is a little loft with a slide...super fun I know, so I covered the slide with wood contact paper to make it look like a "plank" so he can walk the plank, or make his brother walk the plank! (That's more likely!)
So there's his pirate room, almost finished. I would like to add a few other things to it, including a vinyl saying above the closet, and adding a treasure map into one of the frames on the wall. and possibly a huge treasure map on the big open wall you can't see, we will see what I am inspired to do!
I created all of the decorations using the Captain Joshua scrap kit, printing them out on large 20 X 30 posters and cutting them out. They are attached to the walls using contact paper so they are completely removable!  So next time we change the theme of our room, I don't have to do any repainting!
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