Saturday, March 30, 2013

Monsters Inc Baby Shower Day 6

The game I was most excited about was this candy game!  I bought a bunch of different candy and then there were clues that related to baby things and people had to guess which candy went with the clue.  None of them were really hard, some of them got laughs, some even got groans (hey I can't help it we had some not as fun people at the shower!)  But here is a list of the candies we used and the clues that went along with them. I am sure there are tons of possibilities, but maybe this will get you started:

baby thighs/chunky
11 pound babies/whoppers
the conception/skor
breast feeding/milky way
baby girl/baby ruth
twin boys/mike & ike
babies first words/goo goo cluster
postpartum tummy/jelly belly
smart parents/nerds
hospital address/5th avenue
doesn't come fast enough/pay day
hospital bills/100 grand
baby genious/smarties
baby giggles/chuckles...and snickers
when you have a cool dad/pop rocks
the delivery/push pop
when the milk comes in/mounds
epidurals/life savers
triplets/3 muskateers
better hope the delivery doctor doesn't have this/butterfingers

See...once you get going you could go on and on!  I just looked for candy everywhere I went, found some of the odd ones at places like Hobby Lobby and Walgreens!  It was a fun..and funny game!  And the prize was the candy, and who doesn't love candy!

I will be back on Monday with some more projects! Enjoy your Easter if you celebrate it!


Friday, March 29, 2013

Monster Inc Baby Shower Day 5

Another fun game we played was this clothespin game!  Guests each got a pin clipped to a card that had the rules on it.  Basically the rules are you wear your pin and you can't say the word "baby"  If you hear someone say it, you get to take their pin, if you say it and get caught you have to give up your pin!  So guests are swapping pins left and right playing this game that continues throughout the entire shower!  Of course the guest with the most pins gets a prize! It's a fun game to play at a shower, we did something similar at my sister's wedding shower, where the no no word was "bride"  the possibilities are endless!  

We had them set out on the entry table for when guests came in, they could get started right away!


Come back tomorrow for the last game we played, definitely the most fun one!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Monsters Inc Baby Shower Day 4

So after seeing the prizes for the games I bet you want to know what games we played right?  Well one of my favorite shower games is Bingo.  It's a great way to keep everyone interested while the guest of honor is opening gifts.  Usually we run out of prizes as everyone gets bingo at the same time, but this time we were prepared with 20 prizes and we had 2 left over at the end!  So guests fill in items they think the new mommy is going to get and then play bingo with their cards as she opens presents.  It keeps the attention on the gift opening (which let's admit it can get long and boring for sure!) It's a great game, and easy to set up as well! I have a few different baby bingo cards to choose from in my Etsy store, or if you have a different shower theme you would like a bingo card made for, feel free to contact me to make a custom order.  I have a similar Monster one in my store too!

Come back tomorrow for another fun game we played!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monsters Inc Baby Shower Day 3

So another prize we made to give out for games was these mini jar candles.  Again stopped at the $1 store and picked up these cute jar candle for just $1. Now by themselves maybe nothing special, but with a cute wrapper on them to match the theme they were a hit!  They were really cute, and a nice little something to sit out and make the house smell pretty for a few weeks after the shower!  


Be sure to stop by tomorrow to read about a fun game we played!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monsters Inc Baby shower day 2

One of the most popular items I made was the hand sanitizers!  We used these for prizes for some of the games, and they were a big hit! I tried to make sure we gave out practical and useful prizes, not just stuff people would throw away.  Hand sanitizers were a hit!  I just picked up the sanitizer from the $1 store, they were 2 for $1, so at .50 each they made an affordable prize. I made the cute wrapper and wrapped them up and here they are!  So cute!


Thanks for stopping by!  See another prize idea tomorrow!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Monster's Inc Baby Shower day 1

My sister is expecting her first baby (and my first nephew!) early May, so it was time to throw her a baby shower!  Well if you have been following me for even a little bit of time, you know I love to throw themed parties, and I love to do things different from anything else out there!  Well this was no exception!  I actually decided MONTHS ago what the theme was going to be for the shower and picked the colors and got to work! We finally had the shower and now I am going to share all the fun things I did for it!  I came across these adorable Baby Monster's Inc clothes at Target, and I immediately knew that was the theme I wanted to go with! If you haven't seen the Disney baby clothing you have to check it out, it's SO cute!  So each day for the next week or so I am going to share a project I did for the shower. I created a new scrap kit to go along with the theme as well, and you can find that in my store if you are looking to scrap!  If you are throwing a baby shower and are looking for some printables, you can find a whole bunch of coordinating printables in this theme in my Etsy store. Of course for my own personal use, I used a Mike and Sulley that I created, however I can't sell those guys, so when you see them in the pictures just know they aren't included, they were just for my sister's shower only.
So the first thing I want to share is this cute New Mom Survival Kit!  If you remember I made a Valentine's chocolate box for my boys (found in this post), and I knew I wanted to do the same for my sister.  So I bought a bead organizer box from the craft store, it's Darice brand, and it was $1.99.  I then took the box along with me to the party store and filled it up there using their candy bins! I created a cute top to put on the box and just attached it with some double sided tape
I color coordinated the candy on the inside and I even made some hershey nugget wrappers and kiss bottoms to match the theme and put those in the box too!



a close up of some of the candies


It was a cute gift and she really liked it!!
Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see some more ideas for this fun baby shower theme!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Round Up

Well I had grand plans of posting a St. Patrick's Day project each day leading up to the 17th, but lots of things started happening this month and well, I just didn't have a chance to post all that I wanted!  So instead here is one great post with lots of St. Patrick's Day ideas, I know it's over, but pin these ideas for next year, we did some cute and fun things this year!  I have a whole St. Patrick's Day printable collection in my store, it has everything you need for a lucky celebration next year! Head HERE
Let's get started!

I made cute wrappers for my push pop containers. These containers are my new favorite thing!  You don't have to fill them with cake, here I just filled them with some mint M&M's, wrapped them with the cute wrapper and tied a rainbow knot on there, simple, cute, and the kids loved it!  


Another one of my favorite new things is these super skinny bags. Then are just bit enough to fit m&m's, skittles, or sixlets, or other small candies like that. So of course I arranged them in a rainbow, and then I used the cupcake toppers to put a cute topper on the bag!  Those cupcake toppers can be used for all sorts of things! In fact, I used all of them I printed out and didn't put them on top of cupcakes at all!  These super skinny bags will be available in my Etsy shop very soon!


Here was our table all set up, I used the bag toppers to make a little goody bag full of treats for the kids, the bottle wrapper to wrap a starbucks glass bottle that we later filled with green milk (which the kids wouldn't drink!) the lucky penny printable and of course some lucky charms!


Here is a close up of the bag topper 


The Lucky Penny was one of my favorite things I made this year, it was a cute printable, just print out the front and back piece  and tape them together, then I headed to the bank and got a shiny new penny and attached it with a glue dot!  The kids love their "lucky" penny! 


I think my most favorite thing we did this year was we planted clovers!  They are still growing, and we are still waiting to see if we were lucky enough to grow and 4 leaf clovers!  I ordered a pack of seeds online, then let the kids paint their own pots, and then we planted them. I love planting neat plants with the kids, they love checking them each day and watering them and watching them grow!


I loved it so much  I painted some pots for some special friends and gave them a little baggie of some seeds so they could have fun too!  I just painted the pot green, but then I wrapped it with rainbow ribbon, and on the front put one of those cupcake toppers again!  (See you can use them for anything!)  I filled the pot with little goodies and gave our friends a cute gift for their "lucky" day


little baggie of seeds with a cupcake topper on there


My son loved getting St. Patrick's Day lunch notes in his lunch the week before. They have fun facts about the day, and some of them had silly themed jokes. I love lunch box notes! There is a whole section of them in my  store too...and more  will be coming soon since I am almost out of my stash! 


beer wrappers and water bottle labels 


might as well have fun wrappers right?


there's a cute tic tac toe game too!


And of course you can decorate with the clover banner, all letters are included so you can spell anything you wish!


And a close up of the starbucks glass bottle all wrapped up and ready. I have collected a stash of these glass bottles and I use them for all sorts of things, and of course with fun straws! It's way more fun to drink out of a glass bottle with a fun straw :)  It's the little things really, my kids get a big kick out of these things, and I love seeing the sparkle in their eye when I do extra fun things they aren't expecting :)
I also made up a topper for the chocolate treasure box, like I did for Valentine's Day, this time of course it was green and lucky themed!  A few friends requested this, and here is how one friend filled it all up!
A great gift to open for sure!!
Well there you have it! LOTS of fun St. Patrick's printables and projects.  Pin now and save it for later, You'll be glad you did!!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Release Time!

I have a beautiful new Spring Easter kit in the store today! I absolutely love the soft colors, and the pairing of aqua and coral...aqua seems to be my new go to color for everything...clothes, scrap kits..and even a wall in my house (will post a pic when the room is finished!)  I just love this kit, it's got tons of adorable bunnies, chicks, ducklings and sheep and plenty of beautiful flowers to help you scrap your Spring and Easter memories. I have all of the coordinating goodies to go along with it and both BIG and MEGA Bundle options as well!  Check it all out here:

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Release and a Freebie

I have gotten a little sidetracked and not posted my St. Patricks' Day crafts, I will get back to that. I was quite busy finishing up this month long project of my new collection!  The Sweet Baby Collection is 3 collections in 1!  There are 3 kits all with 9 coordinating products to go with them and they are all bundled up in BIG and MEGA Bundle options too!  It has taken me a while to get them all ready, but they are finally here!  You are going to love these! They are full of beautiful realistic flowers, hearts, stars and of course adorable baby elements too!  Be sure to check out all 3 kits. There is Sweet Baby, which is a very chic neutral yellow and gray, so in right now. Sweet Baby Girl, pink and gray, and Sweet Baby Boy, blue and gray. The best part about these 3 kits is they all coordinate with each other so you can mix and match papers and elements from all 3 kits!!  I even have a little freebie for you, it's a blue dress...because you can absolutely use the blue kit for little girls too, and a pink overalls set, cause little girls wear those too right :)

You can download this freebie HERE

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