Monday, September 14, 2009

My Very Own Build a Bear!!!!

Isn't it adorable!!! So during Stampin Up's convention this year, they were talking about their collaboration with build a bear. They made an announcement about these adorable bears being available and that they only had enough for 1 per demonstrator at convention. I didn't go to convention this year, so I figured there would be no way I could get my hands on one of these little guys! BUt I met with my upline last week and she had brought me a present from convention...and wouldn't you was a build a bear! She raced to the memento mall ( fun SU logo items at convention) when they announced there may be a few left and she got me one! How lucky am I? How awesome is she? Look how cute this little bear is!! Stampin Up in embroidered on the bottom of her paw, a cute in color bow by her ear...and an adorable stamp that has a paw print and reads "Life without stamps...unbearable" How adorable!!
Just had to share how cute it was!

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