Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Zach!

Thank you

Here he is with his pirate ship cake so excited! Yes of course I made the cake...and the little pirate cupcakes too but I managed to not get a photo of those!

In honor of little Zach's 4th birthday I thought I would post a few pics from his Pirate Party he had! He had such a fun time. His 2 requests other than a pirate theme, were to have a pinata and a pirate ship cake. So of course I had to make that happen for him! I love seeing his little face light up when everyone sings happy birthday to him. He just loves birthdays so when it is HIS birthday he is even more excited. It is worth all the work just to see how happy his is on his special day! Here are a few pics of the party, the invite and thank you I created.

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