Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And I'm back

Did anyone miss me...besides my sister who has been complaining about nothing new on the blog lately? It got a little wild at the end of April, with the home buyer tax credit ending, we found ourselves out searching for a house every spare moment we had. And any other spare moment was spent cleaning our home and keeping it clean for the crazy amounts of showings we were having. Sadly (sort of) we haven't sold our house yet, but that is what was keeping me away. Things have calmed down for the moment and I have been creating still, but all my spare time has gone into scrapbooking rather than blogging. I love sharing my creations, but I love creating more. So I have had a hard time getting back into it...but here I am. I am hoping to stay on track better now...it helps when I know there are people out there reading along, so if you have a moment, let me know you are here!
Here is a layout I did of the boys together. I love that all I had to do was chang ethe journaling and it is done for both of their books! Digital scrapping saves so much time!

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