Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Boy Quick Pages

I have designed some more baby boy quick pages. Of course I will have baby girl options too, but I have 2 boys, so the boy pages get done first around here :) If you would like the girl version just make a note in your paypal invoice that you would like girl and I will send you the girl version (that is if you want it before it gets posted here!) These pages are special though, they were made so that they can be printed first and then your photos adhered on top of the page. So if you are not familiar with digital scrapbooking you can still use these pages. You would simply upload the page to your favorite photo printer (I like Costco and Persnickety Prints) and get them printed. When the pages arrive, find your photos and tape them on! It's simple! Perfect for those of you that love my pages but aren't quite sure how to use them. Please let me know if you like this style, if it's a big hit I can start creating more pages like this! Precious Baby Boy

Our Baby Boy
Boy 4 photos
Boy with Buttons
Boy with bows

These are no longer available for sale through my blog, if you are interested in this type of item please be sure to visit my Etsy store, you can always request a custom item if you don't see what you are looking for!

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  1. Wow, I love these pages! And perfect because I know and love to digi-scrap, but was thinking of makeing some pages like this for some friends of ours that have a baby due soon. Making them so that they are blank and they can add their photos, well that's what I thought I'd attempt. It's always a thought though, I rarely get my thoughts made into reality.
    These are super cute and super perfect. Thank you!
    Hugs, Tif


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