Monday, January 30, 2012

Loyalty Rewards Program!

So some of you have already noticed that new feature over on the top left side bar! Well it's my new rewards program for layal followers! How fun is that?? Just click the green button "become a member" and you can start earning points for things you are already doing! You get poinst for visiting the blog each day, leaving a comment, like-ing me on facebook and more! And you can check out the prize selection too! We have anything from a free kit, to a free mega bundle to 50% off your entire order! So start earning your points! Oh and you can check out the leaderboard on my facebook page too and see how your points stack up against other fans!


  1. What a great idea. If only I were in the states :(

  2. Do you have to live in the US for it to track points?? Eek I didn't realize that if that's the case...

  3. This seems like a neat idea... Can't wait to see it working... I'm not a big Facebook girl, but I have been trying lately!
    Hugs, Tif


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