Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hybrid Artist CT call!!

I am looking for 4 ladies to join my team! 2 ladies for each position! Position #1 Hybrid Artist. Do you love to take your digital scrapbooking products to the next level by printing them out and creating "traditional" items with them? Then this is the position for you! You will receive each kit I create (approx 3 kits per month) and will be required to make 2 projects with that kit, take photos of your project and post in 3 online galleries. Projects can range from cards to boxes to party printables, the sky is the limit! I am looking for a variety of items, someone who really likes to make printables, prints high quality and takes a good photo to show off the project!
Position #2, maybe you don't like to actually design the printables but you love to take printables that are already designed and create them! Then this is for you! I LOVE to create printables, but find that I just don't have the time to design them, then actually make them and take a picture...that's where you come in! I will design the printables, ready to print from your home printer, you print cut glue and assemble whatever they may be and take a fabulous photo! Post your photo in 3 online galleries and link back to the printables in my store! You get all of my printables I create for free in exchange for creating them and posting in galleries!

So which position fits you? I can't wait to see what you create! Please send an email to MKMiracleMakers@aol.com and let me know you are interested. Please send links to galleries that showcase hybrid items you have made, and tell me a little bit about yourself and what you like best about hybrid art! I am looking for quality photo taking since this will be your main way to show off what you have made! Apply soon, this call will end on February 14th!!!


  1. The two positions are fabulous!
    The second one will be great, but I'm afraid the printables'll be too difficult to do.

  2. Nah! Take a look at some of the things I have made, games like memory match, tic tac toe, pin the nose....I make paint cans which just wrap around a paint can, kiss bottoms, countdowns, cupcake wrappers and toppers....nothing too complex :)


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