Monday, March 10, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Subway Art Canvas Tutorial

Today I am sharing how to make a St. Patrick's Day Subway Art canvas!  This method can actually be used for putting any photo onto a canvas, but here we are making a festive decoration.  Let's get started!
Gather your supplies. You will need:
you photo print (mine is 11 X 14 here, also available as 8 X 10)
paper trimmer
canvas the same size as your photo
green paint
mod podge
2 sponge brushes old dish towel
Start by painting the edges of your canvas. Get a nice even coat and come up onto the front of the canvas a little bit since that may show once the photo is put on.  Set that aside and let it dry.
While your paint is drying, trim off any excess on your subway art photo print if there is any.
Once your paint has dried, line up your photo onto the canvas to make sure it fits how you like. Trim a little more of the edges if needed or get ready for the next step.  Coat the entire canvas in a layer of mod podge, top side only. It's ok if some gets on the side you can smooth that out in a little bit.
Once you have a good coating on, gently lay your subway art print on top of the canvas. Take a moment to center it and wiggle it into place before you go and press it all the way down.
Once it's where you want it, flip the entire canvas over onto an old dish towel and firmly rub and press the inside of the canvas to help the print adhere to it.
Flip it back over and begin to put a layer of mod podge over the entire top. I HIGHLY recommend using a printed PHOTO for this, any time I have tried with prints from home or the office store the ink has run, I have never had a problem with an actual photo.  Be generous with the mod podge but not goopy. You want it to spread easily without a ton of excess. I brush it on horizontally, then vertically making sire to seal all the edges.
Finish off with nice even strokes all going the same direction and set it aside to dry!  That's it!  You are done!
Once it's dry use it decorate!  Here you can see my St. Patrick's Day Shelves, it makes such a nice addition to those silly pictures!
Here's a closer look
And here you can see the nice green edge, it really becomes a great feature piece once it's put on canvas!
You can pick up your own St. Patrick's Day Subway art print to create your own HERE
This subway art print comes in both 8 X 10 and 11 X 14 size!

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