Thursday, July 10, 2014

Preppy Whale

Deep in the ocean beneath waves rolling high, there’s a clam with a pearl and a crab with big eyes. Green flowing plants wave left and right, watch out for the blow fish, you know he can bite! Up on the surface in dots green and white, blue stripes on his belly, the Preppy Whale takes flight. The Preppy Whale Digital Scrap Kit has everything you need to make beautiful pages and hybrid projects.  Each A-Manda Creation Page Kit is designed for versatility and creativity.  Mix the colors for vibrant pages or create using a single color for hundreds of unique possibilities. You can find my Preppy Whale scrap kit here in my store...
Check out the amazing inspiration from my CT ladies...


  1. I kinda scraplifted that last layout...not sure what drew me to it, but loved it! I ran across the layout on Pinterest and traced it back to here! :)

  2. absolutely precious! I will share with Lisa who made the layout, she will be thrilled :) Thanks for taking time to share it with us!


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