Tuesday, June 16, 2015

$2 Tuesday....Just Because and Cache Me Fishing

I have two kits on sale this week for $2 Tuesday! Cache Me Fishing and Just Because are both just $2 each Tuesday only!
Climb in the boat.  Be quiet…be still.  Grab an old cane pole or a new rod and reel.  Bait up your hook, watch for the float to take a dip.  Pull back hard when you see it!  Watch the fish zip and flip.  Cache Me Fishing, have some fun, grab a prize!  Reel ‘em all in, it doesn't matter the size!The Cache Me Fishing Page Kit has everything you need to make beautiful pages. 

I love you, I care; you make everything right.  You’re my first thought in the morning, my last thought each night.  You’re the needle to my yarn, you’re the ribbon to my lace; your sunshine makes me bloom, I treasure your sweet face.  There are so many reasons, so many things you do, but mostly I love you Just Because you are you.The Just Because Page Kit has everything you need to make beautiful pages.

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