Sunday, October 17, 2010

Count Down to the BIG ONE day 2

Well this is really hard to show you without broadcasting my address all over the internet! Or redoing the sheet of labels with a fake address...but hopefully you get the idea! You saw the invite yesterday, so you know his party is Fireman themed. So I actually was able to create a sheet of return address labels to MATCH the invite! HOW COOL IS THAT! I have wanted to make custom labels FOREVER, but I could never figure out a way...and well here, I did it! I LOVE how these turned out even more than the invites! When is the last timeyou saw something THIS COOL on the outside of a piece of your mail...NEVER I bet! I even put a little yellow fire hydrant on the address label too to cordinate! SO COOL! Ok so I just have to say, there is no easy way to paypal this or offer it other than a complete custom order. So if you would like some fun return address labels I would be happy to custom make them for you, print them and mail them to you. Just contact me to wokr out the details!

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