Saturday, October 16, 2010

Count Down to the BIG ONE!

By BIG ONE, I mean Big 1! Josh will be 1 in just a few days! So I will be sharing what I have created for his big #1 Birthday! Here is the invite. I first created his invite as a 4 X 8 and had it printed at shutterfly, well after days of waiting for it to arrive, it came and was chopped off on the right side. I was so upset. But I didn't have time to remake them and wait for them to be delivered so I changed it up a bit and went with a folded card...I like this even better than the first one! (Oh and the chopped off thing was my fault, I have finally grasped the whole concept of bleed! Took me about a year, but a light bulb finally went off and I will NEVER have these problems again! YAY)
Here is the front of the card, I LOVE it...the big Fire truck Engine #1!!!
The inside of the card with all the details!

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  1. Hello, I literally found your blog last night and I've been reading through all the posts. I just love your blog and all your cute ideas and that you are so kind to share!
    I must ask though, if the card you ordered from Shutterfly came back with parts chopped off, and you didn't have time to wait for new ones to be made... How did you do these ones? Did you remake and have printed elsewhere? Or did you somehow salvage the ones from Shutterfly?
    These invites look super HOT! (pardon the pun, but super cool just didn't fit the theme! LOL!)
    I'd love to know how you did these invites. And if you didn't reuse the Shutterfly ones, were you able to use them for some other purpose? So curious...
    Hugs, Tif


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