Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free shutterfly cards!

Well when I saw that I could get 50 FREE shutterfly cards just by telling you all what I like about shutterfly I couldn't resist! If you have never used shutterfly, I highly recommend them...especially for all of your digital scrapbookers out there! NO OTHER place offers as many BLANK options for printing your own digital scrapbooking desings than shutterfly. I prefer to get my scrapbook printed in books rather than printing out individual layouts and putting them in a traditional book. I mean that is the whole beauty of digital scrapbooking, that it's a thin compact book that still looks like a scrapbook, so why put your pages into a bulky book that you will eventually run out of room to store? Anyway that's my rant on books...but I also have printed CARDS with shutterfly as well...and not just any card, but my own design! They give the specs and templates right on their site so you can't go wrong when you order your own design! So you know this year I will be designing my own Christmas cards, and extra designs for you too...but for those of you who want a quicker version of card shutterfly has some FABULOUS new designs this year! So I picked a few of my favorites, though it wasn't easy to choose!I am a huge fan of multiple photos on a card, done in a nice arrangement of course. I know I never have just 1 good photo, I always have lots, and to narrow it down is hard. So it's nice to include more than just 1 photo on a card, and this is by far more of my personal preference!But I really liked this one, even though it's one photo for the simple ornaments and saying, the focus in on the really cute picture!Well I couldn't resist the non traditional colors and funky trees in this one. If you want something a bit different, yet still fun this is a great one!

You can see more holiday cards here:

Then they also have a great invitation section! Who doesn't throw a holiday party or two around this time of year! There are some really cute invites you can use, like this cookie exchange one! How fun is this??!!!
And I couldn't resist the martini glass and shaker, yet a candy cane in there for the holiday feel, but also a party feel to this! Check out more invitations here: And one of my favorite things I saw over at shutterfly is their return address labels! I don't remember seeing these before, and if they had them they certainly didn't have as many to choose from as they do now! I LOVE that you can get matching labels to your cards, so the outside of your envelope has a little sparkle to it too! Here is just a universal Christmas one that could go on any of your mail in December.And well I do have a thing for martinis (perhaps I should be worried these are my favorite?!) YOu could use these year round too though!And remember I said they had matching ones? Well here is the label to match the cookie exchange invite for the ultimate in coordinated and customized! You can see all the label designs here:
Pretty fun huh? So that's my review on Shutterfly's holiday cards and such! And hey I am getting 50 FREE cards just for writing up this review! If you are a blogger and you want to do it to you can apply here:

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