Saturday, November 13, 2010

Photo collages and template

I made some new photo collages to hang up in the house. There are from our recent photo shoot, and the usual problem is too many stunning photos and I am not able to choose which ones to hang. So I make them into an 11 X 14 collage of each boy so I can look at all of the beautiful pictures! It's fun to put a group of pictures together and just frame them up in 1 photo fram. I have 2 really nice matted 11 X 14 frames that I hang these collages in. It's so nice to be able to customize them to meet my needs rather than going to the store and spending a bunch on a frame with the collage already made, printing the photos and cutting them all to fit and taping them in place. This just got printed as 1 sheet and I hung it up! LOVE IT! So I am offering 2 options. You can purchase the layered PSD file and it's ready for you to add your photos to, change the background color and manipulate any way you would like. The template is sized as 11 X 14, and each of the margins are EXACTLY even (cause I am a perfectionist like that!) Or if you LOVE the photo collage but don't know how to use the template yourself you can send me your photos and I will design it for you and send you the finished file to be printed at your favorite photo finisher! Either way it's a great way to get LOTS of pictures up on those walls! Enjoy!
These are no longer available for sale through my blog, if you are interested in this type of item please be sure to visit my Etsy store, you can always request a custom item if you don't see what you are looking for!

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