Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Galore! Halloween Themed Kits....

Do you have a million photos to scrap from Halloween yesterday? If you do, I have the kits for you. I have several Halloween Kits in the shop and you can check them all out in my store here...
Eye of a newt, tooth of a bat, decanters with liquid, the hair of a gnat!  Skeletons and mushrooms, dark trees in the night, a cauldron bubbling over, the whole place is a fright.  Beware of the spiders, don’t drink from that glass, Pick your poison with care….it could be your last.
Don’t open that coffin, don’t go near those head stones!  The warnings are posted, beware of creepy eyeballs and bones!  Zombies Wave is the craze….it’s scary but fun, watch out for the chain saw, keep your hand on the gun.  Halloween is the holiday when these folks come to life, baseball bats, meat cleavers and it’s one frightening fun night! 
Start with a pumpkin fresh from the patch, lay down a template or draw it from scratch!  Cut out the top.  Scoop out the seeds.  It’s a family night project, a few tools is all we need.  Watch out for the bats, the frogs and spiders too, Halloween is coming full of goblins, woo hoo…..  Carve Out Some Fun, make some memories tonight, pop in a candle for the perfect porch light!
Spiders from chocolate, a marshmallow ghost, pumpkins, fruit slices, mmmm…better than toast!  An Eeek and a Boo, a black cat near the street, kiddos and with bags, looking for the best treats!  Bats in the sky, some licorice to chew.  I want Candy right now, how about you???
Get your best Ghoul Friends together and get ready to head out for a spooktaclar time together!  Use this kit to scrap those fun Halloween get togethers. This kit is full of creepy cocktails perfect for accenting your pages and adding some fun flair to your Halloween party memories.  The bright colors are perfect for complimenting your spookiest of photos. You will love this kit and find you can use it for all of your Halloween pages, but it's especially fun when your pages are about your best girlfriends!
You will love this spooky Halloween kit. It has everything you need for the scariest of Halloween pages.  With a slightly grungy texture to the elements, it really makes everything a little spookier!  The colors of this kit are perfect for those night time trick or treating photos!  
Get ready for some super cute and fun Halloween pages when they are celebrated with Frankie and his bride!  Frankenstein and Mrs. Frankenstein are the highlight of this adorable kit full of fun Halloween images.
It's everyone's favorite Fall candy!  Candy Corn of course!  Those little bits of yellow, orange and white are a sure way to celebrate Fall and Halloween.  I created this kit in honor of the candy corn.  The kit is full of those famous colors, wonderful patterns and cute little candy corn witches to help celebrate Halloween.
They creepy yet cute, they're not quite alive but not dead, they're Zombies!  This adorable yet creepy scrap kit is perfect for your Halloween photos, or just to scrap some of your favorites, perhaps a favorite tv show, or something else. 
It's getting to be that time of year!  It's spooky, and tricky and full of treats!  Whether your kids dress up or you're a kid at heart, Halloween is such a fun time of year for playing dress up!  Spooks & Spells has all of the fun and spooky elements you need to enhance those scary pictures of your kids trick or treating, or of your yearly Halloween party!
The Trick or Treat kit is perfect for all of your Halloween needs this year!  It's has a fabulous color scheme that can lean towards spooky or stay cute, friendly and fun! 

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