Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy National Lemonade Day! Let's celebrate with a FREE printable!

It's National Lemonade Day!  Time to celebrate with a nice, big, cold glass of LEMONADE!  I creatd this fun printable for you today to go along with Lemonade Day! It's an adorable water bottle and matching tag set.
The tag says Take is "Squ"easy.  I love a good pun in case you didn't realize that yet!  It's simple and cute!  And here I just picked up some of those individual lemonade packets, mine are Crystal Light brand.
 I punched a hole though the lemonade packet and the tag and tied them around the water bottle with some cute ribbon ,Then I just wrapped the water bottle wrapper around and that's it! It's ready to hand out as a cute little treat!
Just click on the icon below to download, and if you like this printable please pin it to share with others and help me spread it around to everyone!

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