Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tooth Fairy Gift Ideas

We are continuing with Tooth Fairy week here as the National Tooth Fairy Day approaches! (it's Saturday!)  Today I am sharing lots of fun ideas for things the Tooth Fairy might leave in exchange for a sparkly white tooth!  Of course the going rate varies, and has gone up dramatically since I was a kid but with ideas like this, your child is sure to love the magic of the Tooth Fairy!
There are so many cute ways to fold $1 origami!  Even if your child is just getting $1 for their tooth, wouldn't it be even more awesome if it was shaped like an elephant?!  Or you could make the little money box and put a few coins in it too!  Such a cute way to give money. Check out these cute Origami ideas from Origami Resource Center.
The Tooth Fairy could also leave these adorable tooth receipts by A-manda Creation when she picks up a tooth!  There's space to write in the child's name, age and date and it's signed by the Tooth Fairy herself!
The Tooth Fairy might also leave money with some "fairy dust" still on it!  Just a little bit of glue and glitter and it's magical. You could also use glitter hair spray for this effect. This dust idea by TenKidsandaDog is too cute!
There may be times when the Tooth Fairy wants to leave a note for your child.  Perhaps it's to congratulate them on not having any cavities. Or maybe she needs to encourage better brushing.  Well she can leave her note on her own personal stationary by A-manda Creation!  It's blank so she can change the message each time.  I even saw a tooth fairy who once left a note that the room was so messy she couldn't get to the tooth and she would come back when it was cleaned up! (Genius if you ask me!)
Some other fun items the Tooth Fairy could leave:
Gold Dollars, these are a favorite in our house, they are GOLD coins!  My boys go crazy for those!
A new tooth brush, maybe a fun spinny one they don't usually get
A new book about brushing teeth, or another book they would like
Speaking of stickers, I still remember one particular Tooth Fairy visit from my childhood.  The Tooth Fairy left me stickers, but not just any stickers.  They were fancy stickers.  They were scratch and sniff!  The theme of the sticker pack?  Fish.  Yeah apparently the Tooth Fairy just thought they were cute and didn't realize that when you scratched them they were actually going to small like dead fish.  They were so disgusting. To this day I still remember those gross stickers.  And that makes me think, maybe they weren't so bad if they were something I am still able to remmber 25-30 years later right?
So that got me thinking, my crazy gross boys would probably LOVE smelly stickers, so I did a quick search and what do you know! Amazon carries them! They sell stinky scratch and sniff stickers!  Now I am not saying the Tooth Fairy should leave these, but ours just might in an effort to be remembered forever!!!
For more fun tooth fairy ideas, make sure you check out my Tooth Fairy Pinterest Board!

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