Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monsters Inc Baby Shower Day 8

Have you been getting some good baby shower ideas??  Don't forget to pin some of these ideas if you like them so you don't forget about them!  I have some more things to share with you today!  First, I made these adorable baby prediction cards. I have this ragged piece of notebook paper that we passed around to relatives to have them guess the gender (we were always surprised  with our kids) and the date of their arrival and other stats. I knew I wanted to do something similar for my sister, so I came up with these little cards for everyone to fill out!  She now has a stack of them with everyone's guess. Since we knew it was a boy that wasn't on there, but it will be fun to see who was the closest with all their guesses!  

The other thing I did for her was I made up some advice cards. These are just 4 x 6 cards with lines on them that say advice for the new mom. Everyone got to fill one out at the shower.

 I then found a 4 X 6 photo album and just slid the completed cards into the album so she has a cute little book full of the advice from everyone that came to her shower. Of course I had to make a cute cover for it too!  



  1. Cutest baby shower ever!! You are awesome!!

  2. I know this was a few years ago but where can I buy these?? please contact me yesenia_smith87@yahoo.com


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