Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Party Printables

But not only did I make all of those wonderful goodies to scrap with, I also have been busy working on a printable party collection!  Head to my  store to pick up these adorable printables, and get crafting to spruce up your day this Sunday!  Even if you don't "celebrate" why not put out fun food lables and serve tacos, or wrap the water bottle labels around your glasses?  I know my kids love that kind of stuff, and anything that makes and ordinary day extraordinary well it's worth it to see their little eyes light up!  Check out the printables HERE










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  1. Is there special paper to use when printing these

    1. each item works best on a different paper. most items can be printed on regular printer paper. Like the banner and cupcake wrappers. Anything that you need to be more sturdy should be printed on cardstock, like boxes, cupcake toppers. And then things like nugget wrappers, candy bar wrappers, kiss stickers, those are best printed onto full sheet sticker paper so you can just cut them out peel and stick :)


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