Friday, June 21, 2013

Custom Party Printable Orders

I get lots of requests from friends and family to make special custom items for them.  Did you know you can request a custom item in Etsy from me?  So if you can't find exactly the right colors or theme you can have me create it just for you!  And best of all my prices are reasonable. I love helping you get the exact item you want and can't find anywhere else! Some of my most favorite items I have created have come from custom orders and requests!  So don't be shy!

This was a custom order from my sister for her friend getting married in a few months. She wanted to make sure the bridal shower matched the wedding invitations.  So she sent me the invitation and let me know what she wanted.  Take a look:

She wanted a paint can wrapper that would hold date night ideas. So each guest fills out an idea for a date night and drops it into the can. I made a wrapper, a lid and the little card for everyone to fill out..all matching!

For party favors she filled a baggie with reese's pieces and I made a tag that says they love each other to pieces with their names and wedding date.

And last but not least she wanted a matching Bridal Bingo game, and a He/She game, which I made to match the theme.  See how anything you are looking for can be coordinated to your theme? Pretty nice huh? I love doing this kind of thing!

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