Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Release, Blueberry Patch Scrap Kit

I have a beautiful new kit in the store! Every year around this time we go blueberry picking. It's a tradition for us, one that the boys love to actually do but something that also is a benefit to us for many months! We fill gallon jugs with blueberries right off the bush and take them home and freeze them and then enjoy them for many months to come!  It's one of my boys favorite fruits..and we all know how expensive they can be!  So not only do we save a little money picking them ourselves, the experience is fun too!  We always have a contest to see who can find the BIGGEST blueberry, we keep the big guy off to the side until someone finds a bigger one, and when we are done picking, the biggest blueberry wins! (what do they win? um nothing, they just get to be called the winner!) So blueberry patch is made to coordinate with those photos, though you certainly can use this stunning kit for so much more. This is one of my most favorite kits I have made recently. You can find it HERE

Here are some beautiful layouts from my CT:





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