Thursday, June 27, 2013

Whale of a Time kit clue wrap up

I hope you have had some fun hunting around for the pieces to the Whale of a Time kit! I hope you saw some fun things on your hunt too!  Here's a wrap up of the clues for the 2 tricky pieces:

In my store:

It's with a MEGA Bundle
A-Manda Creation only, not 4 My Babies Scrap

On pinterest:

It's on a board that has A-Manda Creation in the title
It's on the board that has the most pins out of all of them that have A-Manda Creation in the title
It has a lot of comments on it

Don't worry if you missed any piece, this kit will be available in my store for sale tomorrow!  Thanks to everyone who played along. And thank you for helping me celebrate my 2 year anniversary!


  1. thank you! for the beautiful kit!

  2. Thank You finally found pinterest and the shop one..but I didnt get your newsletter with that part of it yesterday?

    Thank You for the fun..and Happy Birthday

  3. thanks for the kit!! it is soo fun and that piece hidden in your store was just not right- I had to buy 8 sets because they were so cute!! :) (and 50% off at that!) Thanks so much and happy blogaversry!

    1. YES! You fell for my plot all along LOL...No really thank you so much, I am glad you found some kits you had to have!

  4. I so love this kit!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Love it and thanks for making it free.

  6. thanks so much for the amazing kit and wonderful sale too!


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