Monday, July 20, 2015

Store Closing Sale

Now before you get too worried, no I am not leaving the digital scrapbooking world!  For the past two years I have been running essentially TWO businesses.  Digital Scrapbooking and Printables.  I have thought for a long time now that it would be easier for all of my customers if the products were not mixed and mingled in my store.  If you are looking for printables you run into digital scrapbooking products you have no use for. If you are a scrapper maybe you don't want to see the newest birthday party printable set I have available.

And so I am completely redoing my website!  This is a very exciting time!  It's time for a whole new design, look, logo, packaging, everything! is going to be an A-MAZING Party Printables website!

My new digital scrapbooking home will be The Studio where I have been selling for 3 years already.  The Studio just recently redid their whole store and website and it is by far the BEST site out there for digital scrapbooking. So it makes sense for me to make that my new home for all of my digital scrapbooking products.  You can find my store HERE

If you are a digital scrapbooking customer, be sure to sign up for The Studio's newsletter to keep up with my newest releases. And please join us in my facebook fan club here:  This will be the place I will be interacting with my digital scrapbooking customers, sharing layouts and sales and new releases.  Also coupons and special freebies for you too!

My store, facebook page, and newsletter will switch over to focusing on printables only.  If you love printables please continue to follow me there and shop in my store!!  But if you are just here for the scrapbooking, now you won't have to weed through printables to get to what you are looking for :)

It is my hope that by splitting apart these two businesses I will be able to cater to each set of customers for what they are looking for always instead of promoting both different businesses to the full audience.

I can't wait to show you my new site! I am so excited!  For now you can enjoy 75% off all digital scrapbooking products at  (this kind of sale NEVER happens, so stock up now!!)


  1. Terrific plan! I have stopped by recently & all the blog posts I saw were about your printables; I'm a scrapper ... will you be closing your store at GDS?

    1. Thanks! Yes I am hoping to keep it separate so I can make sure that customers see only what they want to see! I will still be at GDS, however I have hundreds of products that I have not gotten loaded there yet, so my most full and complete collection at the moment is at The Studio :)


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