Monday, January 24, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and Love Bots Day 5

So I think this has to be one of my most favorite reasons for knowing how to digi scrap (besides the cool rooms I have made for my kids of course!) How about this great custom birthday poster! I created this as a 16 X 20 and had it printed up at Sams for a whopping 2.95!!! I saw other "custom" birthday posters out there on the web and they are around $30 each! And they aren't nearly as cool as this...and this completley matches everything else I have been decorating with. So happy 5th Birthday (today) to my amazingly sweet, kind, and caring little boy. My life was changed forever 5 years ago today when I held you for the fist time. You are the best surprise I have ever gotten...ever. I love you baby!



  1. OMG, gosh darn it! I wrote a huge comment yesterday and it didn't save! Ugg!
    Anyways, I wrote yesterday to say thank you for posting these decorations! They are just too cute and I love all your ideas. But today's post of the poster (say that 3 times fast) well, those dinos are just too cute!
    I was saying yesterday how I found digi-scrapping only because I made cards (mostly bday)and was searching for clipart one day and found a site FULL of freebies and ideas gallore!
    Then I discovered I wasn't using my photosoftware nearly to it's potential (I discovered layers! oh yeeey!) and how to erase and lots of other tricks. I've lots more since then (3years) and I know there's still tons to learn, but that alone was plenty!
    When I made invitiations for my nieces it was almost always Disney Princess, and once was Mickey for my nephew. I don't get much need to do that anymore and just bought a new printer so I can make cards again (I was without for about a year). But with the family I have now, I don't get asked to do the themed stuff anymore. Not that I mind cuz I always spent way too much time anyways...
    But it's awesome that you make these and post for us to see! Very inpiring.
    Maybe if I ever have my own kids (definately I'd so themed stuff for my own!) But as of right now it's just my puppy, and he'd rather eat it then see it, lol!
    Your site has been awesome for my stuck creativity though. I am better at imitation than the initial vision. So scraplifts are a given for me. But your freebies and all your posts give me the inspiration to do more scrapping! THANK YOU!
    I hope to get to it more - and to post my creations too! And i'd love to go back and see my 1st cards and such, maybe post a gallery to show the progression, lol...
    Lots of Hugs, Tif

    Oh, still waiting to hear how the room clings were done!!!


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