Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Zach's awesome new room, a new way to digi scrap! and day 4 BB

I have been waiting for the day when my son would tell me what kind of bedroom he wanted to have, so that I could go nuts and make it the coolest room ever. His baby room was monkeys and it was pretty cool with a hand painted monkey mural on the wall. Then his little brother arrived and they shared a room so his room had to wait. But we recently moved and now Zach has his own bedroom and it was the first thing we started working on! This has been in the works for about 2 months, we were just waiting to get his new bed and dresser. It's finally finished and so I am sharing! He asked for an outer space room and while I could paint more murals on the wall, I know how time consuming that can be and wanted an easier way. I also knew that Just So Scrappy's "Fly Me to the Moon" kit had to be worked into it somehow. So I started thinking and planning, and decided it would be nice if everything was REMOVABLE! Not that he will change his mind any time soon, but it's nice I don't have to repaint the room when he does to get rid of murals. So I went about creating my own wall clings using my digital kit, Sams Club and contact paper! I think the end result turned out great. He loves his room..we blast off to sleep every night. His room is complete with glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, lava lamps and a really cute matching comforter I found on amazon. I just love how it turned out, I love going in there, he loves it...and I defintely think he has one of the coolest outer space rooms out there!

I have day 4 of the Snow Day Brag Book for you. Enjoy it!

These are no longer available for sale through my blog, if you are interested in this kit visit my store,  Some kits may be retired

Here is your Freebie! For PERSONAL USE ONLY!
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You can still purchase the Snow Day Brag Book and kit
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  1. Thank you sooo much for another COOL bb page.LOVE it!
    Just wanted to let you know that the link to the page has one too many http//'s to it.If you delete one..the page comes up!!:)

  2. You did a great job on his room. It came out really good!

    And thank you for sharing the freebie

  3. What a FANTASTIC room. My son had better not see it as he loves Buzz Lightyear at the moment. Thank you.

  4. Thanks everyone! We LOVE the room :) I also fixed the link!

  5. Thanks for the page. That is a really cool room, nice job!

  6. Hi Amanda, you did a great job on your son's room, definitely outta this world! Thanks for the new page! :)

  7. what a super cool room. What little boy wouldn't want to go to bed and wake up in there.
    thanks for the bb page. :)

  8. I just came across your blog and I just have to say - I love it! I'm wondering if you can elaborate on how you made the clings in the bedroom. I'm also getting ready to decorate my 4 yr. old son's room and would love some help on how to create clings. Thanks so much.

  9. Amanda - I have had the Fly Me to the Moon kit for awhile now and just love it! Now, that I've seen your pictures, my mind is racing on decorating my kids' bedrooms and my kindergarten classroom. Can you post a little tutorial on how to create the clings with the contact paper? Thanks so much!!

  10. Yes a tutorial please!! Love the room...and the kit :)

  11. 1st, thank you for the freebie psges, they're so cute!
    But honestly, how can you not elaborate on the clings! I mean that's just the most awesomest, coolest thing ever! Was it really hard (ok, be real foe the less talented of us who read your blog...) Seriously, was it a lot of cutting? I just have a hard time picturing this turning out so well!
    As previously mentioned (an the perfect comment) this is Outta This World! LOL!
    Great, no, awesome job! Your little boy is so very lucky!
    Hugs, Tif

  12. I promise, I will be elaborating on the clings, I didn't think so many of you would want to do it too! A picture tutorial is coming...but yes it was a lot of cutting! I tried many ways to minimize cutting, but nothing worked, so you end up having to cut everything out twice. But if you aren't crazy like me and you just do a few it's no big deal...but well...I just can't help myself and so I went a little crazy! I have to get through a b-day party, which I will post lots of fun things I made, and then I can make the tutorial for everyone :)


  14. Definitely interested in the tutorial for the wall clings! They came out AWESOME! You rock! I'd love to do this since w are renting and cannot paint:(

  15. Super cute big boy room!! Visiting from Today's Creative blog.


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