Wednesday, January 26, 2011

School birthday treats and Love Bots Brag Book Day 7

So for preschool they let the kids bring in special birthday treats to hand out on their special day. But they have to be prepackaged, nothing homemade. So Zach requested Teddy Grahams and I got to work thinking about a fun way to fancy them up a bit, I didn't want to just send in bags of teddy grahams, seemed a little too boring to me :) So what I did was made a 4 X 6 file that I could fold in half and staple onto the bags. I think they turned out pretty cute! Here you can see the whole thing

A close up of the front image

A close up of the back image. I thought it was a fun way to give out treats, maybe the kids noticed..maybe they didn't. But Zach did, and so did I!



  1. Your creativity amazes me. Thank you.

  2. Wow, these are just way too cute for package toppers! LOL! That dragon scene is to dye for. I widh my nephew would hurry up and get out of his race car/ monster truck /RC car /Spiderman phase already! LOL! No, he's a cute boy who just LOVES his cars and dirt and racing lol... But he's 4, so maybe there will be dragons in his future?
    And if not, my cousin's little girl (3 1/2) is a tom-boy and loves Buzz Lightyear... Maybe we can get her into dragons along witht he knights and some damsels/princesses thrown in... lol... Her dad does alot of Warhammer type games, so there's a chance...
    I just have to say it's a really cute theme, and you've mastered the art work beautifully.
    And thank you for another lovely Love Bot page too!
    Hugs, Tif

  3. Thank you :) I can see dragons in the future for your can't last forever :)


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