Monday, October 31, 2011

Featured Designer!!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you that this week I am the Featured Designer over at My Memories!! What does that mean? Well it means you can read a bit more about me, but more importantly it means a sale! My whole store over at My Memories is 40% off from now through Oct 31st...and I saved the best for can enter to win my ENTIRE store...yes thats right...EVERYTHING!!!! Just visit the My Memories BLOG to enter! And check out my store at My Memories (you can click the button on the left sidebar of my blog here) and see what you could win!!! I would love to see over 100 people enter to win!!! (It would be the most entries for the featured designer contest!!)

Good luck!


  1. Well being that today is the 1st day and there's already 70 comments - I think you should hit a record # for sure! OMG! Your whole store?? That's just too much! And way too cool!
    Love ya girlie, and I'm supporting you every way I can manage! Told all my friends....
    Hugs, Tif

  2. So you think I wasn't thinking big enough with 100 huh?? Well 100 would be awesome, 150 would be crazy cool!! LOL...I am shocked at all the entries, and I am so glad I went with giving away the whole store AND putting it all on sale...heck I am only going to be featured maybe once a year! All the comments have just totally perked me up, I feel like giving away 2 of my stores!!! Thanks for all the support I totally appreciate it and that you took the time to comment :)

  3. Hey girlie, you're at 137! OMG can we say you've hit the big time! I am so proud! But of course this also means too much competitionto win your store! Lol
    I am seriously so happy that a designer I love is getting this attention! It can only mean great things are ahead!

  4. Aw thanks! I am FLOORED! I understand not wanting more competition to win, but WOW! I am excited...and everyone's comments have been so sweet, I am blown away :) It has made ,y last few days just going and reading what everyone has had to say!! I wonder if we'll get to 200?? I might have to give away TWO if that happens!

  5. Well, don't be sad if it slows down cuz I know I jumped to get my comment in as soon as I saw it, so I am sure pretty much everyone went straight there and did the same. But, I know you have a billion fans, so, it's just about getting the word to all of them!
    I'd do like some of the other gals and keep the announcement blog post as the 1st post when we come to your blog. Then for all the stragglers (which is usually me) who don't get to check in every day see it right off!
    I just found the My Memories site and blog recently. Not sure where. But I became a fan on FB, and so glad I did cuz I read the post about you being the featured designer and practically squealed! (WHich would have scared folks around me since I was on the light rail (public transit) with total strangers... - but hey, I see those people all the time. Just would rather not BE one. ya know?)
    Anyways, I read it and clicked on the link right then and posted. Then I came to your blog. Which was probably at least a few days since I'd been. I only get to come every few days or so. Time is short and my 3G connection is sparce when I do have the time...
    Anyways, I am so excited for you. I love it when great things happen to those who deserve. And few deserve more than you, my dear!
    I always try and support you however I can. The few time I have scrapped lately and posted I always get lots of appreciative comments on your work. And I always tell them it's all you! I just put a pic or two with your work, lol!
    Can't wait for things to get better, and get through the holidays, then I can go shopping for myself maybe! Whoo hoo!
    Have fun with this, it is only a small portion of those who love you though!
    I'd comment every day on there if I could, LOL!
    Hugs, Tif

  6. Your designs are precious, I have been hopping around all the MMS blogs and absolutely adore your stuff!!!


  7. This is such a generous giveaway!!
    I'm really glad to have my comment entered for the chance to win your store!


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