Thursday, March 28, 2013

Monsters Inc Baby Shower Day 4

So after seeing the prizes for the games I bet you want to know what games we played right?  Well one of my favorite shower games is Bingo.  It's a great way to keep everyone interested while the guest of honor is opening gifts.  Usually we run out of prizes as everyone gets bingo at the same time, but this time we were prepared with 20 prizes and we had 2 left over at the end!  So guests fill in items they think the new mommy is going to get and then play bingo with their cards as she opens presents.  It keeps the attention on the gift opening (which let's admit it can get long and boring for sure!) It's a great game, and easy to set up as well! I have a few different baby bingo cards to choose from in my Etsy store, or if you have a different shower theme you would like a bingo card made for, feel free to contact me to make a custom order.  I have a similar Monster one in my store too!

Come back tomorrow for another fun game we played!


  1. how much do u charge for decorations?

    1. Hi Liana, you can find all of these printables in my Etsy store. All of them are individually priced, or I have the bundle in there for $25 :)

  2. how much do u charge for decorations?


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