Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Shower Bingo

I recently created a bingo card for my sisters bridal shower, and I thought I would create some for a baby shower as well. This game was a hit, and everyone LOVED the custom bingo cards that matched her wedding colors. Everyone gets a bingo card and takes a few minutes writing in items they think the guest of honor will receive. Then once she starts opening gifts guests mark off items as she opens them and play just like bingo. It's a great way to get everyone to pay attention during gift opening, as well as have a little fun! So here are some baby shower bingo cards. There is pink and blue, and for those who like to be surprised about their new arrival like me, a neutral one! These are 8.5 X 11 and the file will come to you ready to be printed on your home you just purchase once and print as many as you need! Enjoy!






These are available in my store HERE

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