Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Roundup

I thought I would share all the fun things I created for Valentine's Day this year. Of course since I made them for Valentine's Day they weren't crafted and put together early enough so you could create them this year, but I thought I would share anyway and give you some ideas to "pin" for next year. And if you are a bargain shopper then you will really love this because all of my Valentine's printables are on sale 50% off now through the end of the month! So stock up now for next year!! Visit my store to see everything on sale!

Here we go!

I started the day by surprising the boys with the table set up like this. When they went to bed, it was just the dining room, but when they woke up there were balloons (the party store had them for just .99 each!) goody bags, love potion, heart shaped doughnuts and a very special box of chocolates from mommy!


Wouldn't you want to eat this for breakfast??
This was one of my favorite things! I just used an empty starbucks frappuccino bottle (I didn't have any trouble drinking a few of those for this purpose!) I made the adorable wrapper using my Love Bandit kit and just filled it with some pink milk and a cute heart patterned paper straw!  


Then here is the special treat box I made for them! I just love how this came out, I am already thinking of other occasions to make this for, I have a few ideas up my sleeve! 


Here is the inside. I just used one of those bead sorting boxes, got it for $1.99 at the craft store. I took it with me to the party store and started filling each compartment!  The party store is great because you can buy individual candies, so I didn't have to buy huge bags of each candy and have tons left over.  So I filled it up with all sorts of fun things, and some non candy things too. I found stamps at the $1 store, erasers, craft hearts, and flashing rings!


Of course I had to coordinate all the little pieces, so I made these cute kiss stickers!  


I also made some cute nugget wrappers too, much more fun than just plain wrappers right??  


We got the go ahead to send in ANYTHING for snack on Valentine's Day. I usually keep it pretty healthy, but since it was a special day I sent the little guy to school with a Push Pop!  It's filled with 4 mini cakes with pink frosting in between topped with heart sprinkles! He LOVED it, and said all the kids at school wanted what he had (score for mom!)  I made the adorable wrappers to go around it as well.  These push pops are my new favorite thing and will be at all my parties from now on!  You can find the containers at the craft store, I got a box of 12 containers and it came with a stand too! I used my 50% coupon and got it for $8 bucks!  



One of the little treats I made for them was this cute little baggie, I saw the heart shaped peeps and I knew I had to do something with them, so I came up with this little baggie topper to go with our theme of "You stole my heart"  
lunch was a heart shaped bagel from the bagel store...yummy!


These were the Valentine's my son took to school to give out this year.  I always try to do something the kids can use or play with. We have a no candy rule at our school so it requires a bit more thought but I am really happy with how these turned out this year!  Just a cute bookmark, I cut them out, laminated them, punched a hole at the top and added an eyelet (cause I had them on hand) and tied a ribbon through it. Now the kids have a cute bookmark and they can remember it's from their friend Zach!  



We made up a couple of these cute gift bags for our good friends.  We kept with the theme and told them they were "Guilty of being an awesome friend!"  These were easy to assemble and held quite a bit! 


For dinner we made heart shaped pizza of course, and took it a step further and cut the pepperoni into tiny hearts too!


The big surprise at dessert happened when I cut the pound cake open to reveal a heart inside!  There were lots of oohs and aahs!  Even hubby thought it was cool and wasn't expecting that!  They all asked how it was done, and I just replied mommy is magic!


Here's my little Valentine's I think they had a fabulous heart filled day. I love them to death!



  1. Amazing ideas! You are very talented!

  2. You AMAZE me!! I wasn't crafty when my kids were little.You make me wish I could redo those years..but it has been WAY TOO LONG AGO for that now.Whew..not sure I could take it these days.LOL

  3. I'm curious to know how many 'coolest Mom ever!' points you scored; probably a billion gazillion. Everything was so amazing! You are so talented! Glad you all had a great Valentine's Day-hope you were treated just as special!

  4. I got some mad props for the cake push pop for snack, big guy said all his friend wanted what he had...and for that hidden heart cake, they were amazed! Even hubby was amazed with that one :)


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